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    Did you have a great time on board? See where else the train can take you. Consider Amtrak for your future travel needs.


    Executive Producer Allen Harper
    Executive Producer John Harper
    Producer Michael May
    Producer Jarrette Ireland
    Artistic Director Scott Calcagno
    Associate Director Ericka Mac
    Assistant Director Brittany Pena
    Assistant Director Kasady Kwiatkowska
    Production Stage Manager Michael George
    Lighting Designer Guy Rhodes
    Sound Designer Joe Palermo
    Costume Designer Jesus Perez
    Costume Designer Jane Debondt
    Scenic Designer John Viesta
    Hair and Makeup Designer Jesus Perez
    Associate Lighting Designer Erin Kellam
    Associate Sound Designer Rob Brooksher
    Assistant Production Stage Manager Izzy Gorden
    Casting Director Scott Calcagno
    Casting Assistant Kyle Goleman
    Associate Production Manager Chicago Company Nykol DeDreu
    Associate Production Manager Whippany Company Meri Larsen
    Associate Production Manager New Orleans Company Josh Courtney
    Assocaite Production Manager Fort Lauderdale Company Daimien Matherson
    Associate Production Manager Oklahoma City Company Christian Miller
    Associate Production Manager Inland Empire Company Kyle Goleman
    Associate Production Manager Fillmore Company Kyle Goleman
    Business Manager Chicago Company Mary Zanger
    Business Manager Whippany Company Jennifer Wright
    Business Manager New Orleans Company Jamie Meltz
    Business Manager Fort Lauderdale Company Carolina Perozo
    Business Manager Oklahoma City Company Georgiana Hallock
    Business Manager Inland Empire Company Mackenzie Leal
    Business Manager Fillmore Company Isaac Randolph
    Stage Manager Chicago Company Rita Vreeland
    Stage Manager Chicago Company Lucy Schuh
    Stage Manager New Orleans Company Molly Burch
    Stage Manager New Orleans Company Marisa Christie
    Stage Manager Whippany Company Becki Zatitsky
    Stage Manager Whippany Company Joel Cote
    Stage Manager Fort Lauderdale Company Miki Cayard
    Stage Manager Fort Lauderdale Company Eric Joshua
    Stage Manager Oklahoma City Company Kat Brown
    Stage Manager Oklahoma City Company Amber Kay
    Stage Manager Inland Empire Company Izzy Gorden
    Stage Manager Inland Empire Company Sarah Nearhoff
    Stage Manager Fillmore Company Sarah Tschripke
    Stage Manager Fillmore Company Alli Gersbach
    Production Electrician Trevor Dewey
    Assistant Production Electrician Maggie Hart
    Production Audio Supervisor Stephen Severn
    Assistant Production Audio Supervisor Mary Radziszewski
    Production Wardrobe Supervisor Sami Mihalik
    Assistant Production Wardrobe Supervisor Reiley Morgan
    Production Properties Meri Larson
    Production Décor Nickie Dubick
    Head Carpenter Justin Davis
    Welder Spruce DeRussy
    Props Construction Paul Dombrowski
    Intern Kaylyn Eckhardt
    General Manager Jarrette Ireland
    Director of Production Michael May
    Production Manager Holli Hipwell
    Production Manager Kevin Broomell
    Company Manager Anne Drysdale
    Assistant Company Manager Georgiana Hallock
    Assistant Company Manager Mary Zanger
    Marketing Manager Jamie Ryan
    Resident Designer Daniel Hosfield
    Shop Foreman Justin Davis
    Licensing Manager Matt Dowd
    Licensing Manager Ed Roszickie
    Product Development Sue Robano
    Information Technology Manager Scotty Weits
    Website J3 Media
    Ticketing ETix
    Audio Equipment TC Furlong
    Lighting Equipment Christie Lights
    Costumes J2 Costumes
    Rehearsal Space Ripley Grier Studios
    Dance Center Chicago
    NOLA Spaces
    Museum of Discovery and Science
    Phill’s Ballroom Dance Studio
    West Coast Dance Theatre
    Merchandising Rail Retail Incorporated
    Graphic Art Cindy Coleman
    Trucking Clark Transfer
    V2 Productions
    Train Operations Amtrak
    Morristown & Erie Railroad
    Brightline Trains
    Foxville & Northern Railroad
    Oklahoma City Railroad Museum
    Fillmore and Western Railroad
    Southern California Railroad Museum
    Special Thanks American Heritage Railways
    Rail Events Incorporated
    Kathleen Wallis
    Warner Bros. Consumer Products
    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
    Jeff Cech
    Cliff Miller
    Larry Thomas